Dahlonega Obedience Group

As of Jan 2022

D.O.G. is no longer accepting new students

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Beginner Dog Obedience

Have fun teaching your dog and watching him grow as a loyal, well-behaved companion. This six week group class teaches basic canine good manners as well as understanding general methods and theories of how to motivate and train your dog, handling techniques, equipment recommendations, confidence, socialization, dominance. All skills sre taught On leash.

Beginner skills
taught include watch-me, walking on a loose leash, sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay,
                      come, heel & release commands.

Note: Dogs should be at least four months old with proof of current Rabies & Parvo vaccinations.

Intermediate Dog Obedience

Confirm your prior obedience skills and learn new excercises!

Intermediate skills taught include heeling with changes of pace & direction, off-leash heeling, distance downs, sits & stays, hand signals, blind recalls, come to front, return to heel, out-of sight stays, stand for exam, selective disobedience, leave-it, basic tricks & some agility obstacles.

Prerequisites: Beginner Dog Obedience or instructor's approval & proof of current vaccinations

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